Mary Kay Stenger captures the heart of existence itself. In a world that seems constantly out of control and chaotic, she helps the reader to understand the importance of creating a healthy soul and peaceful solution-based foundation upon which we can depend. She explains beautifully how the healing of our spirit or soul can open the door to solving many of our daily trials. This book has the potential to heal and enhance your life. In our personal search for happiness, understanding the importance of why we think, feel and act the way we do helps us to overcome life challenges. Mary Kay gives vision to why and how we can attain peace and balance to our lives. Incredibly insightful, Mary Kay is nothing short of phenomenal in her smart, insistently scientific approach to giving the reader encouragement and guideposts to follow, that allow the reader to experience their “very own soul journey” and life adventure with passion and perspective. Mary Kay has done immense justice to the earlier works of Gary Schwartz, Candace Pert, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Norman Cousins, Carolyn Myss and others, as she guides the reader in exploring the “mind-body connection” toward effective personal healing. To quote Mary Kay: “Once we understand the mind-body connection and the fact that we operate not from the conscious rational part of the mind but from that other hidden part… we will then learn how to tap into our inner power so we can change any aspect of our life that is keeping us from experiencing our greatest freedom, joy and abundance.” — Dr. Paul McCarty, CEO, Nova Institute of Technology; psychologist & education specialist; college professor; researcher Mary Kay Stenger, Ph.D.

Science-mindedness is an attitude and process of the mind, and Mary Kay Stenger illustrates this in spades. Mary Kay reveals how her creative science-mindedness takes her to the existence of the soul and shows us how to apply this knowledge in a practical way for our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Well written, informative, inspiring, and useful—Science of the Soul is science for the soul. — Gary E. Schwartz, PhD., Professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry & Surgery, and Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness & Health, University of Arizona; author of The Afterlife Experiments, The G.O.D. Experiments, The Energy Healing Experiments, and Synchronicity and the One Mind

Here is a woman who set out to engage in multiple realities to validate them for herself so she could become the compassionate caregiver that she sought in others. Mary Kay Stenger has paid a high price for the wisdom and healing gifts that emerged from her experiences. This book is a treasure. — Robert J. O’Connor, CHt., Quantum Source Integration Therapist

Dr. Mary Kay Stenger’s latest book asks and answers questions many of us ponder every day: What do you really want? Is it in your soul’s best interest? Will it bring you good health, contentment and joy? The author’s “soulutions” provide a different lens through which we can view ourselves with greater clarity. The book’s premise is that all mind-body problems are soul issues and we are all eternal spirits in human bodies. Aristotle said it first—that the soul and body react sympathetically with each other. Through fascinating case histories of everyday people with common health disorders, Dr. Stenger makes her point in clear ways that are easy to understand. Questions, reflections, and activities at the end of each chapter are helpful and enlightening. As a retired nurse, I particularly enjoyed the sections on near death experience and the heart-soul connection because it emphasized what health care workers have known for decades. For example, the blood and circulatory system is the first organ system to form in embryos. No living creature can survive without the heart and circulation. None can thrive unless the circulatory system is healthy and strong. Stressful, negative emotions deplete humans and adversely affect all our body systems, especially the heart. The mental, emotional baggage we carry with us is exhausting so why do we insist on carrying it when our bodies contain a blueprint for healing? That blueprint is the soul. If we can believe that each of us is a unique eternal soul connected to the Divine and that everything we think or do impacts that relationship, the healing possibilities are endless. The near-death histories in this book prove the soul connection in hopeful, exciting ways. Whether you are religious or atheist, spiritual or non-believer, cynic or optimist, you will find intriguing information in this book. If we can believe that everything we perceive is connected, we can improve lives, health, and the world. Dr. Stenger’s message is laced with hope, truth, and genuine love and highly recommended for readers of all ages. — Laurel Johnson for Midwest Book Review